Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Towers of Blaenau

Sculptures made by Howard Bowcott and his team were hoisted into position by a very large crane to make an impressive entry from the platform into the car park. Each tower is formed out of 15,000 individual slates pieced together with precision. Slates from Llechwedd interspersed with slabs from Cwt y Bugail which make great material for carving Croeseo Welcome etc.  

What a great way to arrive in Blaenau, alighting from the Ffestiniog Railway. It's 30 years ago that the line was reopened all the way to Blaenau. Short film below - don't you love the black glove hand signals!

As with all public art, opinions are divided between the enthusiastic and the ‘what a waste of money’.  I think it’s brilliant, an icon that could inspire great things by many people. And I don’t mean graffiti.

And if you want to see how they were built in the workshop .....

For more information about this wonderful area click here.

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